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Midwife Kira and CajunStork

Midwife Kira

Hey Mamas,

  My name is Midwife Kira and I am a practicing midwife in Louisiana where I own and operate one of only three freestanding birth centers in the state. Just like every other midwife out there, I wear many hats ranging from entrepreneur to mom! I discovered my passion for birth at 15 years old after delivering puppies but did not discover midwifery and natural birth until a few years later. 

I decided to start CajunStork in 2018 when I realized that what I see as NORMAL in birth was considered "luck" in my local birth community. After years of educating and empowering families one-on-one to create better birth experiences, I realized that if I had any chance of improving our birth culture locally that it was time to find a way to reach more people.

I believe in #TrulyNatural birth because I KNOW that it makes for better birth experiences! Consider joining me on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram and joining in our TrulyNatural Birth conversations each week!

Her education and experience:

After 2.5 years of nursing school, Kira decided instead to pursue her Licensed Midwife/Certified Professional Midwife education at Aviva Institute for Maternal Child Heath.During that time, she became a certified doula and began attending births through online ads and referrals from friends.


Alongside her school work and doula practice, she began an apprenticeship with a local midwife attending homebirths in 2009. After two years she was offered an the opportunity to apprentice at Gentle Choices Birth Center- Louisiana's only freestanding birth center at the time. She was licensed as a Licensed Midwife by The Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners and a Certified Professional Midwife by The North American Registry of Midwives in 2013.

Currently, Midwife Kira practices runs a freestanding birth center in Louisiana called The Natural BirthHouse. 

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Midwife Kira Smith Homebirth with CajunStork

Her approach to pregnancy:


Midwife Kira (CajunStork), serves mothers and babies with a unique blend of a modernized healthcare approach rooted in traditional midwifery values. Her holistic approach to pregnancy focuses on the NORMALCY of pregnancy and birth, as well as the prevention of complications through wellness.

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